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Service Level Agreement

A negotiation agreement between two parties, one of whom is the customer and the other is the service provider. This contract can be formal or informal, as part of GFT's preservation of the customer's confidence

- Abba: (Abandoning clients) We seek not to give up the response to clients, as the response is usually done on the same day or in the case of communication on non-working days, the response is done on the first working day through the support team of our company GFT

Asa: (average response speed) Our clients are answered by the support team within one to 48 hours

# By calling the phone at the specified time for that within 30 minutes

# By chatting within 30 minutes

# By opening a support ticket within an hour to 48 hours (recommended in case of communication outside our official working hours)

- TSF: (the timeframe for responding to the answer in%). The time frame specified for answering invitations is 70% within an hour during the working hours of the GFT

- Full cost recovery: The percentage of calls that cannot be resolved without using any response or without the caller having a phone call from the help desk to finish resolving the issue is more than 50%

TAT: The time taken to solve the problem ranges from 6 hours to 72 hours

- Operating period agreements: After completing the project in the specified period for completion in the GFT contracts, the period of operation and activation of the project or system comes into play, and it is determined according to the type of project. If there are smart phone applications, a website, a management system, and other projects, then every project It has different requirements and standards

- The planned amount for maintenance and support: it is determined according to the type of project. Each project has requirements and standards that differ from the other

GFT is concerned with managing the level of service, as we always strive to distinguish and maintain the confidence of our customers and success partners