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Return policy

swver.com (“Grand Future Technology”) Providing developed websites and mobile applications and creating marketing campaigns through the GFT website and the GFT mobile app.

Basically, a refund can only be paid in some cases.

Cases of requesting a refund:

- The customer canceled the order 24 hours before the date of payment.
- No results were submitted to the client after the passage of the period, provided that the agreed time period for the project is more than 45 days, with the exception of the client's delay in responding to the inquiries of the project-based work team.

Note: The period of probation and review is not counted within the project period.

Cases of cancellation of the customer's request or the customer's project:

Delay in the payment date on the agreed date by a maximum of 5 days from the date of the payment date
Failure to communicate or respond to the inquiries of the work team during the period of implementing a project or client request within a maximum period of 7 days

Note: Delay days are added to respond to the inquiries of the work team based on a request or project
 The client to the agreed time period for the implementation of the project or the client's request