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Create your project for booking flight ticket and hotels by integrate iata or amadeus or travel port or sabre or hotelbeds or .... etc

App | Features and Flow


App should be initiate from splash page, for the first time user, app should display walk through page to understand the application flow.

Multi Language LTR & RTL

 user can select his/her preferred language from 10 languages and support Arabic RTL at Website and at Android Mobile App

Sign up/Login/Forgot Password 

User should be able to login into the application using form and validate his/her existing account details like Email, User Name, Password, Mobile no. In case of new user, user can create new account using his/her Email and setup a new account. Existing App User should be able to reset his/her password.

Api Integration Solutions

Integrate your GDS or
 for Flight Solutions and Hotels Solutions

Easy Booking

User can book his/her flight ticket or hotel room by easy way


Advanced Search Filter for Flight search and Hotels search

Advanced Details for Search Results :

Advanced Details for Search Results with all info about flight or about hotel

Tours offers :

Admin Can Add Tours Offers appears at Website and Mobile App 


User  should be able to manage his profile and make changes like password, profile picture, Name home address etc.


pay online  (Payfort integrated)


User should be able to view the details about the company like about the company, contact us

Admin Panel

Admin panel is the heart of the whole system, from admin panel, company top level officer can manage the whole activities of the system.

Login/Forgot Password

Admin user should be able to login via login panel using his/her credentials, in case of forgot password admin user can rest the password with the help of his/her official email.


Admin user should be able to view the dashboard of the system , admin user can view all details by clicking on view more option.

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